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Tariff Plans

Plan A

Plan B

Plan C

Plan D **



Plan G



MAHA Local Plan

Super saver Plan

One India Plan

Jeevan Sathi Plan *

Unlimited local call Plan on MTNL Mumbai local n/w

One India Roaming Freedom Plan

Activation Charges












Rs.250 NIL# Rs.250 Rs.200
Monthly service charges (in Rs.)







200 200 500 300 399 180 149+ST
399 550
Incoming calls*/Plan Charges


Rs.25 p.m.




Rs.25 p.m.

Rs.25 p.m.

Free Local Talk Value Rs.100/- Rs.150/- Rs.350/- Rs.700/-
(included STD calls)
Rs.300/- NIL Rs.150/- NIL Rs.300/- Rs.300/- Rs.400(Local mtnl n/w only) NIL
Free SMS NIL 700 NIL 200 NIL 399 NIL
O/G Call Charges in Rs./min(inclusive of airtime PSTN & IUC)
i)O/G Local Calls   Rs. 0.10 within group  
a)To Dolphin/Trump/Garuda Rs. 0.80 Rs. 0.80 Rs. 0.40 Re.0.30 Rs. 0.60 Rs. 0.60 Rs. 0.60 Rs. 0.80 Rs. 0.40 Rs. 0.60 Rs. 0.50 Re. 1.00 per min.(60 secs.) Rs. 0.80 Free Rs. 0.40
b)To Other Cellular Network/WLL Rs. 0.90 Rs. 0.90 Rs. 0.40 Re.0.30 Re.0.90 Re.0.90 Re.0.90 Rs.0.90 Rs. 0.90 Re.0.90 Rs. 0.70 Re.1.00 Rs.0.90 Re.0.90 Re.1.00
c) To MTNL Fixed line Rs. 0.90 Rs. 0.90 Rs. 0.40 Re.0.30 Rs. 0.60 Rs. 0.60 Rs. 0.60 Rs. 0.80 Rs. 0.40 Rs. 0.60 Rs. 0.50 Re.1.00 Rs.0.80 Free Re.1.00
d) To Other Fixed line Rs. 0.90 Rs. 0.90 Rs. 0.90 Re.0.60 Rs. 0.90 Rs. 0.90 Rs. 0.90 Rs.0.90 Rs. 0.90 Rs. 0.90 Rs. 0.70 Re.1.00 Rs.0.90 Re.0.90 Re.1.00
ii)O/G STD Calls in Rs./min.
To MTNL Delhi Fixed line, GSM & CDMA Rs.0.80 Rs. 0.80 Rs. 0.40 Re.0.60 Rs. 0.60 Rs. 0.60 Rs.0.60 Rs. 0.80 Rs. 0.40 Rs. 0.60 Rs.0.50 Re. 1.00 Rs.0.80 Rs. 0.80 Re. 1.00
To N/W in Maharashtra & Goa Rs. 1.30 Rs. 1.00 Rs. 1.30 Rs. 1.20 Rs.1.30 Re.1.00 Rs.1.30 Rs. 1.30 Re.1.00
Other STD Calls in Rs./min. Rs. 1.30 (w.e.f.18/05/2008) Rs. 1.00 (w.e.f.01/10/2009) Rs. 1.30 (w.e.f.18/05/2008) Re. 1.00 Rs. 1.30 Rs.1.30 Re. 1.00
iii)O/G ISD Calls in Rs./min.
a) USA, Canada, UK(fixed), Singapore, Indonesia, Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand and countries with 001 access Rs. 6.30/min.
b) UK(mobile), Europe, Gulf, SAARC, Africa, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Christmas island & New Zealand. Rs. 9.20/min.
c) Rest of the World Rs. 18.00/min.
d)Immarsat Calls Rs. 240.00/min.
SMS Charges (Rs./- Message)
Local (On MTNL n/w) Rs. 0.25
Local (On Other n/w) Rs. 0.50
National (Including Maharashtra & Goa) Rs.1.00
International Rs. 2.50
SMS Based Sevice Charges ( Rs.)(8888,7333 etc.) Rs. 1.00
Security Deposit Charges
i)For Local facility ** Rs.500/-
i)For NSD & National Roaming facility Rs.1000/- (w.e.f.18.07.08)
i)For ISD facility Rs.4000/- (w.e.f.18.07.08)
i)For International Roaming facility Rs.7500/- (w.e.f.18.07.08)
  • **For Plan-D Unlimited GPRS Usage in MTNL Local network.
  • *Incoming calls are free in home network &while roaming in BSNL N/W of Maharashtra & Goa.
  • Waiver of activation charge for the employees of DOT,MTNL,BSNL & existing Dolphin customers booking second Dolphin connection(allowed only once).
  • Security deposit for Local, NSD and/or National roaming is NIL for employees of DOT,MTNL, BSNL.
  • Service tax extra @ 10.30% (except for deposit) & Pulse Rate = 60 Sec
  • The existing Customers under Plan-A and Plan-B shall continue.
  • Migration to Plan-A and Plan-B will not be allowed.
  • The existing Customers under Plan-A and Plan-B can migrate to any other Plans given above except to these two Plans.
  • Plan A & B are not available to customers joining services after 17.01.2005
  • # MTNL Delhi network calls will be charged as per the local calls in the respective plan except for One india plan and One india roaming freedom plan .
  • *Lifetime plan valid upto October 2017. However, validity beyond this date will be extended subject to the renewal of license..


For Financial Implications of Dolphin Mobile Services Click here

Add-on Service charges on DOLPHIN

Roaming        ( Monthly service charges )

NIL for National access.
Rs. 90/- per month for International access.

Roaming Charges

For International access : As per international operator rates.( Plus Rs. 5/- per min.)

Loyal Dolphin Customers

Existing Dolphin Customers will now get an additional Free Connection (activation Charges waived off).

Call forward/divert, call hold and Call Waiting

Provided Free to all by default. However airtime charges on usage applies.

Voice Mail Service(VMS)

Rs. 0.50/- per min. on message retrieval.

Itemised Bill(Detailed Bill)

Rs. 50/- p.m.

SIM Reactivation Charges

Rs. 110/-(inclusive of S/Tax)

Customer Helpline Number

1503 or 9869012345

Mobile to Mobile Package for planA,B,Economy(E) Budget 200(G) & Budget 100(F)

Local calls to any cell will be charged @ Rs 0.60 per min. and a monthly payment of Rs. 49/-


Monthly Roaming Charges (effective from 18.07.2008)

Description Roaming Charges in Rs. / minute MTNL Delhi Network
Charges in Rs. / minute
a) In BSNL N/W of Maharashtra & Goa NIL N.A.
b) In Other States 1.00 1.00
a)While Roaming in BSNL N/W of Maharashtra & Goa
i) To all N/w Of Maharashtra & Goa 1.00 N. A.
ii) To all states other than Maharashtra & Goa 1.50 N. A.
b)While Roaming in states other than Maharashtra & Goa
i) Local 1.00 1.00
i) STD to other states 1.50 1.50
i)USA, Canada, UK & for all Countries with '001' access 7.20 12.00
ii)Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia & Hongkong 9.60 12.00
iii)Srilanka 12.00 15.00
iv)Africa / Middle East 18.00 15.00
v)Rest of the World 12.00 15.00
SMS per message
Local 0.80 1.00
STD 0.80 1.00
ISD 5.00 1.00


Kindly click here to see GPRS & MMS Tariff (for both Postpaid & Prepaid)

Last updated on 24.11.2009

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