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Steps to Install your modem (phone) to access MTNL GPRS


1. Now every GPRS subscriber of MTNL Mumbai (postpaid or prepaid) with any GPRS plan will be able to use this service

2. keep your phone, cable and CD (provided with your mobile) handy.

3. This is used for representation purpose only. Example is given for Windows XP® only. May have slight difference with other Operating systems.

Step-1 :

           Install the necessary software (provided with your phone) in your system. Note do not connect the phone now. once the software is installed properly , plug in the USB cable with your mobile turned on. Now you can see that your system says " found new hardware ,install in progress". your computer will find the necessary modem drivers from CD and install it in your system. Wait until your computer says "the hardware is ready to use".

 Once the above steps are finished follow as stated below...


Step-2. now start ---> settings ---> control panel -->double clik on phones& modems


Step-3 :Now in the new window select modems tab ,select the your modem in the

list of modems available. now click properties button. youll find a new dialog box opening


Step-4 :select diagnostics tab & click query modem in that, and wait for

some time to get a response.

You should see that AT command SUCCESS in the command response text area. If doesnt get any response check your phone or contact your phone manufacturer.


Step-5 :After finishing query modem, tab to advanced

for postpaid, enter at+cgdcont=1,"ip","gprsmtnlmum" in the extra initialization commands

for prepaid, enter at+cgdcont=1,"ip","gprsppsmum" in the extra initialization commands

Step-6 :.Now Click ok. you have installed your modem successfully

Now we need to create a dial-up connection for this modem. please follow...

Steps to Create a Dial-up connexion to access MTNL GPRS

1.To create a dial up connection go to Control panel now double click Network connections in control panel

2. Click create new connection. Now u see a pop up wizard which can help u to create new connection
(in this case you will find on the left most top,ie.,windows-XP)

3. Now you see a pop up wizard which can help you to create new connection ,click next

4: select connect to the internet & click  next

5: Now select Set up my connection manually & press next


6 : select connect using dial-up connection and click next

7. Now choose your modem which you have configured
(for example in this case,modem-nokia6610i cable(com6)) & press next

8. Enter ISP name as MTNL_GPRS & click Next

9. Enter username mtnl password mtnl123 confirm password mtnl123 & click next

10 Now enter *99# as the phone no in the phone no filed & press next


11 Now check the create a short-cut on desktop , click finish

& now u r ready to browse the internet thru MTNL_GPRS

Now you'll find a short cut icon MTNL_GPRS in desktop double click it to get connected.


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